About us

Sanjiu Medical and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the largest comprehensive listed company of medical and pharmaceutical industry in China. The company is engaged in medical R&D, production, sales and healthcare services. Its business spreads throughout China, Japan, Canada, USA, some countries in southeast Asia and Europe.

999 is a well-known trademark in China. Its intangible asset is evaluated more than 8.3 billion RMB, listing the top within its counterparts in China. The company produces many national famous medicines, such as Weitai-999 series, 999 Piyanping ointment, herbal injections, and antibiotics.

The company carries forward 999 Enterprises GroupЎЇs strategy Ў°modernizing traditional Chinese medicine, industrializing Chinese medical treatment, globalizing health serviceЎ±. It is devoted to build the world-class medical and pharmaceutical enterprise and to bring green health to the human beings.

Shenzhen 999 Chinese Medicine Investment & Development Co., Ltd. , as a wholly owned key subsidiary company of Sanjiu Enterprise Group, is fully authorized to be in charge of Sanjiu's international health product market. It is responsible for the investment and management of the overseas subsidiary companies and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) clinics and supplies technological support for all the overseas agencies of the 999 health product. So far, we have set up our subsidiary companies in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Canada, and many TCM clinics, with the products spread over the market of North America, Europe, Japan, Middle East and Southeast Asia. We are featured by Chinese Patent medicines, Health Food, Single Herbal Extracts, botanical extracts, TCM injections and TCM decocting machine. Many famous products such as 999 Weitai, 999 Ganmaoling, Zhuang Gu Guan Jie Wan pills, Zheng Tan Wan pills, 999 Pi Yan Ping Ointment have been registered in many different counties. Besides, the chemical, biological medicines and raw materials presented by Sanjiu also provide the consumers more choices for medical treatment. Furthermore, based on our advantages of technologies and manufacturing scales, we are now supplying first-class OEM services to meet the demand of different markets from all over the world.

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